Women Automotive Network brings together the world’s top automotive companies and CEOs for its final event of the year

women’s winter motoring event last event of the year

Women Automotive Network, a fast-growing platform for automotive diversity and technology discussions, with a rapidly growing community of over 20,000 members


25 Speakers
39 countries represented
156 networking meetings
440 attendees

The Women Automotive Network, a fast-growing platform for automotive diversity and technology discussions, with a rapidly growing community of over 20,000 members across digital, hosted its final event for 2022 – The Women Automotive Winter Meetup. The event, held on November 17, 2022, brought together industry professionals and top automotive brands from 39 countries to share their ideas and experiences with an enthusiastic online audience of 440 people.

The event held ONLINE and in partnership with some of the world’s largest companies focused on driving change. The agenda was filled with networking and discussions, and inspiring women in the automotive industry were celebrated. The event, in keeping with its mandate, also explored how diversity drives innovation, and attendees had the opportunity to connect with new businesses, as well as make personal contacts.

Speaking at the session, Frances Williamson, Head of Stakeholder Engagement, Zenzic said, “Participating in the Women Automotive Winter Meetup has been an enriching experience, a great opportunity to learn from inspiring leaders how they and their businesses are breaking down barriers to allow for a more inclusive approach. , diverse teams to work together to build automotive solutions for future generations. Zenzic is proud to be part of this group and eager to work with others who also have this mission and to learn from them.

Some trending topics discussed were:
• Why is cultural diversity important?
• Digital leadership in a hybrid world
• Automotive Megatrends – The Consumer Perspective
• Driving the future of mobility with a diverse team
• Automotive Girl Power – How to drive change for more women in the automotive industry
• Gender equality is everyone’s responsibility

There were more than 200 renowned companies and 25 speakers. Speakers included Melanie Schuttenberg Vice President of Business Development, Flex, Mai Dang Vu, Director of Technology & Business Development, Flex, Stephanie Buckner, Chief Operating Officer, Altair, Nino Nikolaishvili, Operations Unit Director, Capgemini Engineering, Tomi Isaacs, Senior Director, UK Corporate Engagement, Catalyst Inc, Penny Weatherup, People Director, Volkswagen Group UK, Julie David, Managing Director, Peugeot UK, Hasmeet Kaur, Partner, Roland Berger, among others.

Speaking about the initiative, Penny Weatherup, People Director, Volkswagen Group UK), said: “I loved being part of the Women Automotive Network Winter Summit 2022. The agenda and speakers really demonstrated the levels of diversity and the enormous transformation of the automotive sector. is underway globally. I am proud to be part of it along with many other talented and diverse women.”

The event kicked off with the Automotive Megatrend – “The Consumer Perspective”, where Hasmeet Kaur, Partner, Roland Berger shared with the community how consumer sentiment is shaping up regarding the multiple trends in the automotive industry throughout the value chain. Thereafter, round tables and interactive workshops in small groups were organized, and the participants had the possibility of joining those whom they wished.

Here are some key takeaways from the event:

From Hasmeet Kaur, Partner, Roland & Berger

ELECTRIFICATION AND SUSTAINABILITY – Are you comfortable with battery electric vehicles?

“When monitoring the online readiness of business models in the automotive industry, the first-year tracking indicated high confidence in the industry. But during the actual implementation, companies realized that it was much more complex to go from a physical format to a digital format.

BRAND – Would you buy a car online from a third party, eg Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. ?

“When it comes to buying cars online from a third party, research shows that trust is still very low, as consumers are skeptical and want an idea of ​​what they are buying.”

Let’s continue to #BreakTheBias and support women in the automobile!
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