You might not want to buy an older rental car, unless it’s a Shelby GT350

Promoting a powerful car in the Muscle Car era was no easy task for Ford, and a decisive step was taken by hiring Caroll Shelby to upgrade the Mustang and then offering it to the rental at Hertz. It’s one of those special cars.

When Ford introduced the Mustang in 1964, he just hoped the car would grab the market’s attention, but he didn’t expect as much attention. Even though it was available with a hardtop (coupe) or convertible body, it still sold like hotcakes. The big surprise came when John Oros secretly developed the fastback version, and the result was so good that management immediately put it into production.

The example you see here is a 1969 Shelby GT350 Fastback that was delivered that year to a company in San Francisco. This was part of Hertz’s Rent-a-Race program, and they have a unique paint scheme with gold Le Mans stripes and side sill stripes. However, this example now sports a thin white stripe down the sides, from bumper to bumper. Even though it was produced on April 1, this car sold by RDWAutomotive is no joke!

Like the rest of the cars used in this program, this one sports 15 “five-spoke wheels fitted with black Shelby center caps. Obviously it does not come with the original tires but has retained the supplier. stock, which is Goodyear. The aftermarket is a space saver, so don’t get too excited about that. But the interior still sports Caroll Shelby’s signature on the dash, in front of the passenger.

Shelby installed a 351 cubic inch Windsor V8 engine under the hood. In the Ford version, equipped with a two-barrel carburetor, it developed 250 hp. But Shelby outfitted the cars with performance parts that in many cases have eerily “disappeared” from rental vehicles. But that doesn’t have to concern you since this copy was fitted with an Autolite 4300 carburetor in May of last year. Another important change in this car was the transmission. The original car came with an automatic transmission, but one of its owners later replaced it with a four-speed manual. Fortunately, it still has the 3.00: 1 traction locking differential.

This car won’t be cheap with a long list of features like power steering, air conditioning, power front disc brakes and Lucas fog lights. However, even though only the engine matches the bodywork, it has already hit the $ 58,000 mark within five days of the hammer falling.

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